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Our Story

A Canadian ventured to Croatia in search of a better way of life. He was introduced to Rakija as the drink of choice for the people of Southern Europe.
The Tradition is strong, now how can we share the experience and appeal to the rest of the world?
He befriended a Croatian obsessed with perfection, purity and lifestyle.

They’ve come together from opposite ends of the world to bring a modernized tradition of Rakija for all people to enjoy and savor. Our niche distillery is established in the town Karlovac, Croatia, steeped in history of fine alcohol production. We use advanced distilling technologies, traditional aging in oak barrels and carefully selected whole and local fruits for their quality, taste and texture. All to achieve a purity and fullness of taste unlike anything experienced before.

No "added" sugar, preservatives, extracts or artificial flavors

To Inspired by History, To re-create Tradition, to enjoy in this moment, cherishing our future

Rakija Reserve

What it was
What it is
And now

As it Should Be